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In an age of electronic communications, personalized service doesn’t have to be in person. The client’s needs may often be met by regular email or telephone contact and briefings. That means dealing with a company based in rural Nova Scotia offers the advantages of lower overhead and a commitment to superior service anywhere in Canada or the rest of the world.

Services/Benefits include:
  • writing / increases knowledge of your project or service by making information and ideas easy to understand
  • editing / tightens language and removes potentially embarrassing or damaging material
  • research / provides solid foundation for your program, project, product or service
  • project management / project coordination / ensures all aspects of your project are coordinated and moving along efficiently
  • community awareness, public consultation and education / opportunity to increase understanding of project or service and learn from the public to improve efficiency
  • presentations / showcase project or services with text, photos, graphs and diagrams
  • digital photography / allows photo downloading into computer programs within seconds
  • production coordination / ensures graphic designer and printer receive steady supply of material, keeping costs within budget while maintaining deadlines
  • report coordination / ensures all aspects of report are directed toward goal of effective communication to specified audience
  • subcontracting / discounts for main contractor
  • multipurpose reports / provide a professional and versatile tool for customized marketing
For an example of each service offered, please click on the appropriate service. We also offer a free 4-step communication guide.

Each project is different, so Tehlsee Communications provides a free initial consultation, contact us,
in person, by phone or by email to assess the client’s needs, objectives and budget. The goal is to provide the best communication value for the client.
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